Cooperation with the Republic of Estonia

The Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs honored H.E. the Governor with an invitation to visit the Republic of Estonia. The visit seeks to firmly strengthen the existing warm and cordial relations between the people of Estonia and the people of Mombasa.

At the centre of the visit is the need to strengthen cooperation through technological know-how, technical skills exchange, improvement of the County business processes and revenue collection systems. It is also seeks to benefit from knowledge on the enhancement of efficiency and accountability through advanced automation systems.

The hallmark of the visit is to expand Mombasa County’s Smart City initiatives.

Estonia employs open governance solutions conventionally promoted globally by e-Governance Academy.

The intention now is also to find sustainable solutions to pressing issues in Mombasa that Estonia has successfully handled, like a thriving business landscape, a clean environment and most importantly, citizens participation in governance, ownership of challenges facing them and their constructive participation in developing sustainable solutions.

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Juma Kitsao

I am very happy about the progress of Mombasa County. We have good leaders that we trust very much.

Barnabas Ogutu

Estonia is a very good peaceful state. These are good people to make friends with. The county should also partner with other states like Britain, Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy. I am very glad America is helping out projects in Mombasa. Very good.

Hassan Adan Abdallah (Triple A)
Hassan Adan Abdallah (Triple A)

We need this kind of cooperation in Mombasa. It’s a direct focus to development. Thank you 001.

Evans Mudebe

Very inspiring,productive and creative. I wish the people of Mombasa well.



Ali Jillo

A wonderful with wonderful leadership.You can always take it to the level after Estonia.001 will always lead the rest.Thumbs Up Your Excellency Sultan.