Service Charter Workshop

The long awaited Service Charter Finalization workshop was held with the collaboration of the County Government of Mombasa and GIZ.

The workshop incorporated ideas from all the County Departments, including the Public Service Board.

Service Charter values incorporated:

  • To enhance fair trade practices and clients’ confidence
  • To improve client understanding of what to expect from the County Govt in terms of its services and relations with clients, thereby reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings and complaints.
  • To recognize, promote, and protect Clients’ rights.
  • To provide clients with an understanding of County Govt service standards.
  • To inform clients of complaint channels when any dissatisfaction has occurred against the agreed service
  • To ensure clients are aware of how a complaint or an enquiry can be made, and in what format they can expect to receive a response.

Public Service Board is in the process of fully developing a complaints handling mechanism. The Citizen Service Charters convey the County Government’s commitment to the citizens about quality service delivery.

  • Basis for engagement between county govt and citizens
  • Provide easy understanding and explanations for services provided.

Some benefits expected from Citizen Service Charters:

  • Accountability
  • Public satisfaction
  • Professionalize of services
  • Benchmarking

Service Charter aims:

  • To clarify the rights and obligations of our customers as well as ours;
  • To acknowledge and reward excellent performance;
  • To professionalize and encourage excellence in our service delivery;
  • To enhance performance;
  • To strengthen processes and initiatives that prevent and combat corruption;
  • To facilitate social dialogue between the Board and its partners, customers and clients;
  • To support Mombasa County Departments in their developmental efforts;
  • To ensure an effective, efficient and responsive public service delivery.

All these efforts are taken to enhance quality service delivery to the citizenry of Mombasa.

Setting the stage for a vibrant blue economy

The Governor of Mombasa, H. E. Hassan Ali Joho was a key player in the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference held in Nairobi this week. It was the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy. Over 17,000 participants from around the world came together to learn how to build a blue economy that:
a) Is intended to harness the potential of our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers to improve the lives of all, particularly people in developing states, women, youth and Indigenous peoples
b) leverages the latest innovations, scientific advances and best practices to build prosperity while conserving our waters for future generations
Governments and donors pledged billions of shillings to implement conclusions of the conference. ALSO Kenya said that it is committed to establish a blue economy bank to support the growth and development of the sector.

SKAL Conference lights up the City

The intercontinentally hyped SKAL International Congress Mombasa started in high gear as guests were treated to a grand Dinner at the celebrated Fort Jesus. This is the second time the Congress is being held in Africa. South African, Lavonne Wittman was selected as the new President of SKAL.

Dubbed: Congress at the Beach, the 79th edition of SKAL is promising to light up the City of Mombasa far beyond the days of the congress. In total 38 nations participated. National flags from these countries were flown at the venue of the international event.

Projections reveal that Kenya expects to receive at least 2.5 million tourists per year as from 2020. Last year, the country received 1.45 million tourists. This is the highest record so far. The country earned Ksh 120 billion (US$1.2 billion) from tourism last year.

World Travel and Tourism Council reports that Kenya’s tourism industry contributes 15.3 per cent of total exports while also contributing 8.9 per cent of total employment in the country.

It is worth noting that direct flights from Amsterdam and Brussels will start in a week. This is an addition to the much celebrated start of direct flights from Kenya to New York in the month of October.

Devolution Sensitization Week

The County Government of Mombasa held the 2nd Devolution Sensitization Week from 25th to 27th September at the famous Makadara Grounds. The objective of the three days’ event was to create a platform for the County to inform the public the achievements of devolution since inception.

The event was officially opened by H.E. The Governor of Mombasa, Hassan Ali Joho. He reminded thousands of participants at the event as well as the citizens of the county and the country at large, about the fruits of devolution.

“Everyone can see the difference,” he said, “between devolved governance and centralization…. we are now able to decide our destiny.”

All the Eleven County Departments, including the County Assembly and the County Public Service Board showcased their contribution to the success of the county. Wananchi turned up in large numbers and were thrilled by the words of the Governor as well as his promise for the future. They came, saw, admired and went back home contented with the services of County 001.

H.E. The Governor with Gold Medalist Erick Maugo Shikuku

Customer Feedback

Basing on the fact that customer’s needs and expectations evolve with time, seeking out their opinions from time to time is crucial for the efficient running of any institution. Their insights help you understand them and their needs more profoundly.

In an effort to find out what our stakeholders actually think about our activities in the Mombasa International Show, we issued out questionnaires that they filled after visiting our stand. The exercise was a success with our customers willing to cooperate. They shared their feelings and concerns and benefitted from the news, information and advice provided.

The data collected will help us ensure that our end products will actually meet their expectations, solve their problems and fulfil their needs hence creating stronger relations with them. It will also provide us a clearer insight of what is working well and what can be done to make their experience better.

Listening to your customer’s voice and searching for their opinions also helps in developing future strategies that will address their ever changing needs and expectations. Moreover, interacting with them communicates that their feelings and opinions are important hence helping in maintaining their loyalty.

This article was written by Fadya Ali Ahmed, a final year student of PR & Marketing in Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology (MMUST), on Attachment at the PR & Communication Office, Mombasa County Public Service Board.