Customer Feedback

Basing on the fact that customer’s needs and expectations evolve with time, seeking out their opinions from time to time is crucial for the efficient running of any institution. Their insights help you understand them and their needs more profoundly.

In an effort to find out what our stakeholders actually think about our activities in the Mombasa International Show, we issued out questionnaires that they filled after visiting our stand. The exercise was a success with our customers willing to cooperate. They shared their feelings and concerns and benefitted from the news, information and advice provided.

The data collected will help us ensure that our end products will actually meet their expectations, solve their problems and fulfil their needs hence creating stronger relations with them. It will also provide us a clearer insight of what is working well and what can be done to make their experience better.

Listening to your customer’s voice and searching for their opinions also helps in developing future strategies that will address their ever changing needs and expectations. Moreover, interacting with them communicates that their feelings and opinions are important hence helping in maintaining their loyalty.

This article was written by Fadya Ali Ahmed, a final year student of PR & Marketing in Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology (MMUST), on Attachment at the PR & Communication Office, Mombasa County Public Service Board.

The County Government of Mombasa in The Mombasa International Show

The Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation Hon. Mwangi Kiunjuri

The Mombasa International Show (MIS) this year was held from 29th August to 2nd September. The County Government of Mombasa experienced a huge success receiving seven trophies including the Best County Stand and the 2nd Best Government and Ministries Stand. This success was achieved through determination and cooperation between the County departments. Thousands of people visited the County Government Stand which comprised of displays from the County’s ten departments thus benefiting from news, information and advice.

The Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation Hon. Mwangi Kiunjuri officially opened the MIS on behalf of His Excellency the President.His Excellency the Governor of Mombasa, Hassan Ali Joho was represented by Deputy Governor Dr. William Kingi. 

Deputy Governor, Dr. William Kingi with Board CEO Jeizan Faruk

The Mombasa County Public Service Board interacted with its customers explaining to them the role and mandate of the Board as well as the values and principles as embedded in Article 232 of the Constitution of the Republic.

The Board took the opportunity to advertise ongoing vacancies and also encouraging the public to be on the lookout for advertised position and make applications in an effort to benefit from opportunities in the County. The public also benefited from the various flyers issued to them, the posters displayed and were also informed on the complaints management system recently adopted by the Board.

Governor of Lamu H.E. Fahim Yassin Twaha with Barbara Aaron

In line with this year’s theme “Promoting Innovation and Technology in Agriculture and Trade” the Department of Environment, Waste Management and Energy showcased the value of recycling our waste in different innovative ways. Starting with the unique set-up of their stand, the place attracted crowds who learned how waste material can be converted to good profitable use, as the members of the department proudly say it “Taka ni Mali.”

The Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives also attracted scores of people with their striking displays on value addition and modern technologies in crop management, livestock production and the blue economy. The County was awarded trophies for the most striking displays and the best stand in agro-processing.

Great winners!

The Department of Water, Sanitation and Natural Resources had a chance to showcase completed and ongoing projects meant to expand the water networks and improve water accessibility. On the long-term plans, the County Government is on the final stages of the construction of a water desalination plant in south and north mainland to provide fresh water for the county residents.

Thanks to devolution, Department of Health showcased the major transformation of the County Provincial General Hospital (CPGH) where complex medical operation procedures are being carried out by highly qualified and professional medical personnel. The public also got a chance to view the modern equipment in the renal unit for dialysis procedures and understand how it works. The department also provided free malaria testing and issued brochures on prevention of Tuberculosis.

In an effort to reduce corruption and ensure the growth of revenue in the county, the Department of Trade, Tourism and Investments presented the County trade portal where all the information relating to trade licensing processes and investment opportunities is readily available especially to the international investors. This equips the public with the ability to make informed decisions on their investments. The department also showcased various weights and measuring equipment.

Board’s CEO Jeizan Faruk

The Department of Transport, Infrastructure and Public works presented a number of their projects already completed and others in progress in developing the County’s infrastructure. One of the major projects is the construction of modern state-of-the art stadia in the County. Others include the construction of roads, pavements, drainage systems and the installation of street and traffic lights as well as enforcing by-laws such as keeping the city tidy through buildings paint maintenance. Visitors to Mombasa are pleased by the White and Blue colours that are the standard paints for city buildings.

In an effort to improve the quality of lives of the public, the Department of Lands, Planning and Housing presented the grand master plan for Mombasa, or Vision 2035, which highlights areas of opportunities and areas of improvement in terms of infrastructure and urban development. One of their major projects include the ongoing construction of affordable apartments in Mombasa County.

The Department of Finance and Economic Planning presented the e-lands system, a program to implement e-government service in upgrading the quality of public service delivery. The new e-parking system was also presented with explanations on how to use it.

VIP Guests were introduced to a short thrilling game of golf organized by the Department of Youth, Gender and Sports. The department gave an opportunity for women and youth who have benefitted from the Revolving Fund to showcase their business successes while at the same time sold their products to the members of the public. Products sold included spices, oils, liquid soaps, beaded ornaments and artifacts.

The Department of Education, ICT & Mombasa Vision (MV) 2035 explained to the show-goers their projects, which include the disbursing of scholarships and bursaries to needy students, school milk program and the construction of 8 brand new ultra-modern ECD centers across the sub counties. The youths who are benefitting from tertiary education meant for the needy students also presented the various skills learnt such as baking.

Amriya Issa, Khadija Yusuf, The writer – Fadya Ali and Theophil Kipoma (PR & Communication)

The Department of Devolution and Public Service Administration was present at the County stand showcasing the achievements of devolution. They also showcased how the management of human resource in the county as well as the various functions tasked to the Inspectorate Unit.

CECM for Devolution and Public Administration Dr. Seth Odongo with the Chief Officer for the Dept of Devolution and Public Administration

The MIS was a great opportunity for the County Government of Mombasa to interact with its customers and provide a clear understanding to them about the various departments and their roles. The departments were also able to respond to their concerns clearing all the confusion and misunderstandings to maintain the favorable relationship between them. The huge success of the County is a promise to the members of the public that through its continued determination and spirit of team work the quality of their lives will gradually improve.

This article was written by Fadya Ali Ahmed, a final year student of PR & Marketing in Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology (MMUST), on Attachment at the PR & Communication Office, Mombasa County Public Service Board.

Mombasa International Show was a huge success

Some of the trophies the County Government of Mombasa won

The County Government of Mombasa won seven trophies in the just concluded Mombasa International show. This is a major achievement, especially considering that the County is soon going to be hosting a major International Conferences, SKAL,  in October.

The County was crowned the Best County Stand and took the Best Agro-Processing Plant Award as well as the Best Striking Display Award. The County Stand was also honored as the 2nd Best Government and Ministries Stand. Fantastic performance.

Mombasa International Show has begun

The Mombasa International Show opened its gates to the Public on Wednesday 29th August 2018. It promises to be a thriller with fantastic displays from various local and international organizations.

The Board’s Director of HR, Halima Tsala and the Assistant Director for Ethics and Governance Anastasia Nabukenya

The Mombasa County Government stand is expecting to be a crowd puller with all the ten departments plus the County Public Service Board and the County Assembly participating

Launch of devolution guide for journalists

The CECM for Devolution and Public Service Administration, Dr. Seth Odongo, flanked by Gichira Kibara, Executive Director at Capacity Development Institute, William Oloo Janak, Chairman, Kenya Correspondents Association, Theophil Kipoma, PR & Communications Ast. Director Public Service Board

The CECM for Devolution and Public Service Administration Dr. Seth Odongo was the guest of honor during the launch of Kenya Correspondents Association (KCA) Booklet: Reporting Devolution: A Journalist’s Guidebook.

Dr. Odongo assured the media fraternity of the County Government’s backing in their role of informing the public. He said that devolution has made incredible positive changes in management of public service. The Chairman of the KCA, William Oloo Janak emphasized the need for journalists to be prompt in reporting about the progress of devolution.

Effective reporting on devolved government requires research and interaction with new publications from different institutions and authorities involved in the devolution advocacy.

“The smarter the journalists are, the better off the society is. For to a degree, people read the press to inform themselves – and the better the teacher, the better the student body.” (Warren Buffett).

Book aims to help journalists generate appropriate media content that will inspire more informed public discourse and citizen participation in devolution.

Mombasa County Staff implement SPAS

Staff of the County Government of Mombasa carried out the 2017-2018 Staff Performance Appraisal Systems (SPAS) exercise successfully. This exercise was initiated by the County Public Service Board. The Department of Health SPAS exercise was also supported under Public Private Partnership initiative by Afya Pwani. The Board’s Director of Human Resource Development Halima Tsala and the Assistant Director for Training and Development, Kibibi Amran together with Afya Pwani’s Tom Oneko, (Senior Health Finance Advisor) and Jocham Chacha (HRH Capacity Building Technical Advisor) offered technical guidance and sensitization to the Department of Health staff.

Benefits of Staff Performance Appraisal Systems

Staff Performance Appraisal System (SPAS) is used by organizations to simply evaluate and assess the performance of each individual on the job assigned. SPAS is generally used to review an employee’s job growth and set goals and benchmarks to achieve in the next appraisal.

One of the benefits of SPAS is that it can zero in on a specific area of an employee’s weakness and suggest remedial action. By doing so it can be used as a tool to specifically establish possible goals for career development and job promotion. In determining career development SPAS can recommend certain training needs which, if implemented, will develop the employee and increase productivity.

SPAS is also useful for the organization and the individual to chart progress towards fulfillment of goals set. This is easily expressible in measurable terms as one can tell when an individual’s graph is showing improvement or regression. This kind of data will be useful to determine matters like salary increment, demotion, promotion, transfer and so on and can be tied to the progress reflected in the SPAS data.

SPAS provides the opportunity for the employee and the managers to sit down and build a strong working relationship. Once this rapport is developed, the employee will feel free to bring out suggestions that will, without surprise, benefit the organization in terms of production. This rapport will also act as a platform to communicate freely and without bias, issues to do with the development of the employee.

Following the notion that a challenging job motivates the employee, SPAS is seen as a motivational tool that provides a plan, a guide and a means of achieving the targets; the targets set, perceptibly, being achievable. It is also important that SPAS considers nurturing talent through training and mentorship with the desire to improve productivity and quality of services.


It is one of the very uncommon times that an employee and the supervisor will sit down and have a comprehensive, temperate and focused discussion about the job. It therefore serves many roles in an organization. One of the roles of SPAS is to give and receive feedback about the job and where there is a score or a miss. The reviewer receives information from the employee that can be used to better the working environment and improve productivity and services. The reviewer is able to unearth underlying issues that impede performance and thereby decide on the course for corrective action.

A sitting between the employee and supervisor or reviewer is a favorable prospect to establish attainable goals. The reviewer and employee work closely together at this time so as to establish new goals and develop a practical work plan to reach the goals. They review the past misses on targets and establish a plan to reach next year’s target by a certain realistic percentage.

Employee and supervisor get an occasion for improving communication by speaking freely and openly about job performance and issues that relate to it. It is a way of developing trust between them, especially if it was weak or missing between them. It provides a comfortable atmosphere for voicing concerns and issues that one may not be able to do so in a typical day to day setting.

SPAS aids the supervisor to discover who needs to be promoted. It is an essential tool to work out the promotion plans for efficient employees. Data emanating from SPAS acts as a basis for promotion.

The organized process of SPAS helps the supervisors to draw training policies and programs. It helps to analyse strengths and weaknesses of employees in the organization with a view to reward efficient employees while also framing out future development plans.


Vital cooperation

H.E. The Governor of Mombasa this week hosted Cabinet Secretaries Najib Balala and Keriako Tobiko and other top government officials. They held decisive talks focusing on the promotion of tourism.

Lately, Mombasa County has upped its game of establishing itself as an international business hub and urban navel. The outlook of Mombasa itself has tremendously improved with the striking white and blue colours for buildings and chic pavements along the city avenues.

In October, a major international tourism conference will take place in Mombasa. Thousands of local and international guests are expected to attend.

Cooperation with the Republic of Estonia

The Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs honored H.E. the Governor with an invitation to visit the Republic of Estonia. The visit seeks to firmly strengthen the existing warm and cordial relations between the people of Estonia and the people of Mombasa.

At the centre of the visit is the need to strengthen cooperation through technological know-how, technical skills exchange, improvement of the County business processes and revenue collection systems. It is also seeks to benefit from knowledge on the enhancement of efficiency and accountability through advanced automation systems.

The hallmark of the visit is to expand Mombasa County’s Smart City initiatives.

Estonia employs open governance solutions conventionally promoted globally by e-Governance Academy.

The intention now is also to find sustainable solutions to pressing issues in Mombasa that Estonia has successfully handled, like a thriving business landscape, a clean environment and most importantly, citizens participation in governance, ownership of challenges facing them and their constructive participation in developing sustainable solutions.

Statement by the Chairperson

The last Financial Year saw tremendous strengthening of the public service workforce through recruitment of technical personnel as well as the roll out of training programmes to further reinforce the county human resource. The result has been to expand the delivery of our mandate through new and determined efforts while we secure the benefits of building a greater level of trust and confidence among our stakeholders.

I am happy to report that despite the daunting challenge of the 100 days country-wide doctors’ strike last FY, the County Public Service Board took a professional strategic puissance in the way it conducted business. This required the Board to manage numerous structural, operational, and functional changes in the best and most sustainable way possible. Amidst this challenging environment, the Board has remained courageously focused on fulfilling its objectives and determined, more than ever, to stay on the track of the Governor’s manifesto of transforming this great County to an economic hub.

We introduced Results Based Management, methodologies and tools such as the Performance Appraisal Systems and Employee dashboard to facilitate harmonized development and maintainable monitoring of results. Coupled with employee training to cope with the changing technological times such as the National introduction of e-Management which includes IFMIS, IPPD and GHRIS, I am confident that the Board used the year well to prepare for the future.

Indeed, we really managed to score high in the eye of the public. This is evident in the 2016 NCIC Report that saw its Chairman, Mr. Francis Ole Kaparo single out Mombasa County as a role model in implementation of Constitutional obligations allowing for the recruitment of staff on the basis of the Two Thirds Gender Rule, Ethnic Representation as well as employment of the youth and PWDs. This is our contribution to the achievements of the County Government of Mombasa. We look at the County’s human resource with a succession plan that will guide the future workforce with acumen, leadership ability, geniality, integrity, competence, courage and inner strength.

Today as we reflect on the last FY, a tough economical challenging year, we think that the Board played its role well to keep it in a better place to provide solutions to sustainable human resource matters within the county. We achieved remarkable growth in our development agenda.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize the Board’s commitment to accomplish its mandate as empowered by the Constitution and the County Governments Act, 2012. We are stronger now than ever. Our achievements are far greater than at any other time of our existence. We are steadily fulfilling our objectives through proper planning and strategic leadership. We look forward to another promising year ahead of us.