Vital cooperation

H.E. The Governor of Mombasa this week hosted Cabinet Secretaries Najib Balala and Keriako Tobiko and other top government officials. They held decisive talks focusing on the promotion of tourism.

Lately, Mombasa County has upped its game of establishing itself as an international business hub and urban navel. The outlook of Mombasa itself has tremendously improved with the striking white and blue colours for buildings and chic pavements along the city avenues.

In October, a major international tourism conference will take place in Mombasa. Thousands of local and international guests are expected to attend.

Cooperation with the Republic of Estonia

The Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs honored H.E. the Governor with an invitation to visit the Republic of Estonia. The visit seeks to firmly strengthen the existing warm and cordial relations between the people of Estonia and the people of Mombasa.

At the centre of the visit is the need to strengthen cooperation through technological know-how, technical skills exchange, improvement of the County business processes and revenue collection systems. It is also seeks to benefit from knowledge on the enhancement of efficiency and accountability through advanced automation systems.

The hallmark of the visit is to expand Mombasa County’s Smart City initiatives.

Estonia employs open governance solutions conventionally promoted globally by e-Governance Academy.

The intention now is also to find sustainable solutions to pressing issues in Mombasa that Estonia has successfully handled, like a thriving business landscape, a clean environment and most importantly, citizens participation in governance, ownership of challenges facing them and their constructive participation in developing sustainable solutions.

Statement by the Chairperson

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The last Financial Year saw tremendous strengthening of the public service workforce through recruitment of technical personnel as well as the roll out of training programmes to further reinforce the county human resource. The result has been to expand the delivery of our mandate through new and determined efforts while we secure the benefits of building a greater level of trust and confidence among our stakeholders.

I am happy to report that despite the daunting challenge of the 100 days country-wide doctors’ strike last FY, the County Public Service Board took a professional strategic puissance in the way it conducted business. This required the Board to manage numerous structural, operational, and functional changes in the best and most sustainable way possible. Amidst this challenging environment, the Board has remained courageously focused on fulfilling its objectives and determined, more than ever, to stay on the track of the Governor’s manifesto of transforming this great County to an economic hub.

We introduced Results Based Management, methodologies and tools such as the Performance Appraisal Systems and Employee dashboard to facilitate harmonized development and maintainable monitoring of results. Coupled with employee training to cope with the changing technological times such as the National introduction of e-Management which includes IFMIS, IPPD and GHRIS, I am confident that the Board used the year well to prepare for the future.

Indeed, we really managed to score high in the eye of the public. This is evident in the 2016 NCIC Report that saw its Chairman, Mr. Francis Ole Kaparo single out Mombasa County as a role model in implementation of Constitutional obligations allowing for the recruitment of staff on the basis of the Two Thirds Gender Rule, Ethnic Representation as well as employment of the youth and PWDs. This is our contribution to the achievements of the County Government of Mombasa. We look at the County’s human resource with a succession plan that will guide the future workforce with acumen, leadership ability, geniality, integrity, competence, courage and inner strength.

Today as we reflect on the last FY, a tough economical challenging year, we think that the Board played its role well to keep it in a better place to provide solutions to sustainable human resource matters within the county. We achieved remarkable growth in our development agenda.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize the Board’s commitment to accomplish its mandate as empowered by the Constitution and the County Governments Act, 2012. We are stronger now than ever. Our achievements are far greater than at any other time of our existence. We are steadily fulfilling our objectives through proper planning and strategic leadership. We look forward to another promising year ahead of us.