The Board’s Policy and Documents

  1. Human Resource

To date, The Board, in collaboration with representatives from all departments of the County Executive, has formulated and finalized the following Human Resource policy documents:

      • Recruitment, Selection and Appointment of Personnel
      • Terms and Conditions of Service
      • Labour Relations
      • Performance Management
      • Health and Safety
      • Leave Management
      • Exit from Service/ Terminal Benefits
      • Disciplinary Policy
      • Allowance Policy
      • Training Policy
      • Transport Policy
      • Casual Employment Policy
      • Industrial Attachment Policy
  1. Governance policies:
      • Code of Conduct
      • Complaints Policy
      • Gifts Register
      • Conflict of Interest Policy
  1. Public Relations & Communications
      • Strategic Plan
      • Board Charter
      • Service Charter
      • Communication Strategy
      • Internal Procedures


In-house training

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