Mombasa County Staff implement SPAS

Staff of the County Government of Mombasa carried out the 2017-2018 Staff Performance Appraisal Systems (SPAS) exercise successfully. This exercise was initiated by the County Public Service Board. The Department of Health SPAS exercise was also supported under Public Private Partnership initiative by Afya Pwani. The Board’s Director of Human Resource Development Halima Tsala and the Assistant Director for Training and Development, Kibibi Amran together with Afya Pwani’s Tom Oneko, (Senior Health Finance Advisor) and Jocham Chacha (HRH Capacity Building Technical Advisor) offered technical guidance and sensitization to the Department of Health staff.

Benefits of Staff Performance Appraisal Systems

Staff Performance Appraisal System (SPAS) is used by organizations to simply evaluate and assess the performance of each individual on the job assigned. SPAS is generally used to review an employee’s job growth and set goals and benchmarks to achieve in the next appraisal.

One of the benefits of SPAS is that it can zero in on a specific area of an employee’s weakness and suggest remedial action. By doing so it can be used as a tool to specifically establish possible goals for career development and job promotion. In determining career development SPAS can recommend certain training needs which, if implemented, will develop the employee and increase productivity.

SPAS is also useful for the organization and the individual to chart progress towards fulfillment of goals set. This is easily expressible in measurable terms as one can tell when an individual’s graph is showing improvement or regression. This kind of data will be useful to determine matters like salary increment, demotion, promotion, transfer and so on and can be tied to the progress reflected in the SPAS data.

SPAS provides the opportunity for the employee and the managers to sit down and build a strong working relationship. Once this rapport is developed, the employee will feel free to bring out suggestions that will, without surprise, benefit the organization in terms of production. This rapport will also act as a platform to communicate freely and without bias, issues to do with the development of the employee.

Following the notion that a challenging job motivates the employee, SPAS is seen as a motivational tool that provides a plan, a guide and a means of achieving the targets; the targets set, perceptibly, being achievable. It is also important that SPAS considers nurturing talent through training and mentorship with the desire to improve productivity and quality of services.


It is one of the very uncommon times that an employee and the supervisor will sit down and have a comprehensive, temperate and focused discussion about the job. It therefore serves many roles in an organization. One of the roles of SPAS is to give and receive feedback about the job and where there is a score or a miss. The reviewer receives information from the employee that can be used to better the working environment and improve productivity and services. The reviewer is able to unearth underlying issues that impede performance and thereby decide on the course for corrective action.

A sitting between the employee and supervisor or reviewer is a favorable prospect to establish attainable goals. The reviewer and employee work closely together at this time so as to establish new goals and develop a practical work plan to reach the goals. They review the past misses on targets and establish a plan to reach next year’s target by a certain realistic percentage.

Employee and supervisor get an occasion for improving communication by speaking freely and openly about job performance and issues that relate to it. It is a way of developing trust between them, especially if it was weak or missing between them. It provides a comfortable atmosphere for voicing concerns and issues that one may not be able to do so in a typical day to day setting.

SPAS aids the supervisor to discover who needs to be promoted. It is an essential tool to work out the promotion plans for efficient employees. Data emanating from SPAS acts as a basis for promotion.

The organized process of SPAS helps the supervisors to draw training policies and programs. It helps to analyse strengths and weaknesses of employees in the organization with a view to reward efficient employees while also framing out future development plans.


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Its always good to appraise the employees to determine or evaluate their performance.