Stakeholder News

Mombasa Waterfront Project

Jan 2019

H.E. The President Officially opens the Plaque at the Mama Ngina Drive Waterfront. H.E. The Governor, Hassan Ali Joho witnesses the historic occasion

The Mama Ngina Drive Waterfront Project officially started after the Ground Breaking Ceremony by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta. The Project is a joint venture between the National Government and the County Government of Mombasa.

United for the nation

The regeneration project is set to transform the famous beach drive into an international standard tourist spot with recreational seafront landscapes and facilities. These will include leisure facilities, eateries, relaxation gardens, an amphitheater, leisure walks, souvenir booths, entertainment areas as well as cultural and historical exhibition sites.

The site comes at a time when the country is enjoying a record breaking tourists’ arrival, hitting the 2 million mark targeted in 2018. It is expected to be complete within six months.

H.E. The Governor of Mombasa, Hassan Ali Joho hosted several leaders at the event, including the former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, The Governor of Nairobi, Mike Sonko and Tourism Cabinet Secretary, Najib Balala.

Once completed, the project is expected to boost investment and employment opportunities for the citizens of Mombasa, especially the youth. It will positively change the outlook of the City of Mombasa, adding to the brilliant city beautification program and the new striking Egyptian blue and white building colours!

Setting the stage for a vibrant blue economy

Nov 2018

The Governor of Mombasa, H. E. Hassan Ali Joho was a key player in the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference held in Nairobi this week. It was the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy. Over 17,000 participants from around the world came together to learn how to build a blue economy that:

  1. a) Is intended to harness the potential of our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers to improve the lives of all, particularly people in developing states, women, youth and Indigenous peoples
  2. b) leverages the latest innovations, scientific advances and best practices to build prosperity while conserving our waters for future generations

Governments and donors pledged billions of shillings to implement conclusions of the conference. ALSO Kenya said that it is committed to establish a blue economy bank to support the growth and development of the sector.


Good news for desalination project

April 2018

H.E. the Governor had a fruitful engagement with the Secretary of State of the Spanish Government, Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Environment Ms. Maria Garcia and the Director General for Water Mrs. Liana in Madrid.

The discussions centered on the progress we have made towards the development of the first mega water desalination plant in East Africa with a production capacity of 100,000 M3. This will supplement the bulk water supply from the proposed Mwache Dam project.

This desalination project is expected to unlock the renaissance of socio-economic transformation in the Port City of Mombasa by ensuring availability of adequate and reliable fresh water for both domestic and industrial consumption.

Spain is one of the leading Countries globally with sustainable desalination technologies.

Spain built Europe’s first desalination plant nearly 40 years ago. It is the largest user of desalination technology in the Western world.

Spanish companies lead the market, operating in regions including India, the Middle East, and North America. Spanish innovation contributes to advancing desalination to bring sustainable clean water to millions.

County launches Rapid Results Initiative

23rd March 2018

In a bid to ensure compliance and effective collection of revenue, officers from Mombasa County Government have begun a Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) program across the County.

The 90 day activity being spearheaded by the Department of Finance and Economic Planning, has drawn officers from different sectors and departments that generate revenue namely Trade , Tourism & Investment, Transport, Infrastructure & Public Works, Lands, Planning and Housing, Health, Agriculture together with the Sub County Administration and the County Inspectorate unit.

The RRI process includes rigorous inspections of revenue streams to verify tax payments, checking of Public Service Vehicles stickers, car branding among other things to ensure compliance. Those found operating without permits or in contrary to the set laws were urged to comply to avoid arrests.

Mombasa is one of the progressive counties when it comes to revenue collection for the past few years. Moving forward the teams will also verify single business permits, land rates, market stall rents, advertisements among other streams. Nationally, the country is experiencing a serious liquidity crunch and Mombasa is targeting to raise local revenue to ensure services continue to be financed.

County Stakeholders Dialogue

22nd March 2018

Speaker of the County Assembly, Aharub Ebrahim

Stakeholders, among them wananchi, from across Mombasa’s six Sub-Counties – 30 Wards -engaged in a constructive dialogue with County Executive Members and other County officials on matters pertaining to the development of the County as well as their welfare under the Mombasa County Dialogue 2018.

Fatma Awale – CECM Department of Water, Natural Resources & Sanitation represented H.E.The Governor as Chief Guest and Speaker

The event allowed stakeholders to interact freely and independently with the County Government, giving their views and share issues affecting the development of the City of Mombasa.

Seth Odongo – CECM -Department of Devolution and Public Service Administration

Leaders made very alluring presentations and it was evident that the citizenry was pleased with the progress made, despite the numerous challenges of the first term of devolution government.

The leaders also made use of the opportunity available with wananchi and other stakeholders to take stock and notes on ideas, comments, compliments, complaints and suggestions given.

In a speech read on his behalf by Water, Sanitation & Natural Resources Executive Fatma Awale, Governor Hassan Ali Joho said his main goal is to have a more inclusive and caring Mombasa that rises to meet the needs of all its residents including men, women, youth, children and Persons Living with Disability.

Sub County Administration reshuffle

Sub County Coordinator Idris Abdirahman

The Governor of Mombasa Hassan Ali Joho has reshuffled the County’s Sub County Administration in a fresh plan to improve service delivery to the citizens of Mombasa.

Changamwe Sub County Administrator John Kuti will move to Kisauni as the Sub County Administrator while Rachael Kavata will move to Changamwe as the new Acting Sub County Administrator.
Mwalimu Mohammed who was the Sub County Administrator for Jomvu has been moved to Likoni whereas Ali Mwachamanga who was the Sub County Administrator for Likoni, will transfer to Jomvu Sub County.
Acting Mvita Sub County Administrator Salim Kingi, will still remain in Mvita in acting capacity.Same is the case for Evans Mwamuye who is Acting Sub County Administrator for Nyali Sub County.

Sub County Coordinator Idris Abdirahman acknowledged the changes adding that he looks forward to a new season of better service delivery to citizens.

He urged wananchi to accord the new Sub County and Ward Administrators maximum support and cooperation as they discharge their duties in an effort to make Mombasa a successful city.

SKAL International Congress to be held in Mombasa

County Executive for Trade, Tourism and Investment Fawz Rashid with SKAL’s top leaders

SKAL is a professional organisation of tourism leaders around the world, promoting global tourism and friendship. It is the only international group uniting all branches of the travel and tourism industry. Its members, the industry’s managers and executives, meet at local, national, regional and international levels to Do Business Among Friends.

The first Club was founded in 1932 in Paris by travel managers, following an educational tour of Scandinavia. The idea of international goodwill and friendship grew and, in 1934, the “Association Internationale des SKAL Clubs” was formed with Florimond Volckaert as its first President, who is considered the “Father of SKAL”.

SKAL International today has approximately 15,000 members in 400 Clubs throughout the world – over 90 countries. Most activities occur at local level, moving up through National Committees, under the umbrella of SKAL International, headquartered at the General Secretariat in Torremolinos, Spain.

SKAL International is governed by an Executive Committee of six members, elected by delegates to an annual General Assembly, held during the World Congress, hosted by a different country each year. This allows members first-hand observation of the travel and tourism potential around the world.

The resolve to transform Mombasa to a premier tourism and investment destination got a big boost after a productive meeting between the County CECM for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Fawz Rashid with SKAL International President Ms. Susanna Saari at the ongoing International Trade Fair in Berlin, Germany.

Key issues discussed included the preparations of the 79th SKAL World Congress 2018 and solidified the County’s commitment as the host city in ensuring the success of the event which will be held in Mombasa this October.

The event is expected to bring over 2000 key tourism industry players from all over the world to Mombasa where they will hold their congress and also get an opportunity to sample Mombasa’s hospitality and tourism delights.

The president and her team have already embarked on a worldwide publicity of the event and have also assured the County Government of Mombasa their full support and cooperation in the management of the event and are looking forward to the inspection this coming May.

Mombasa County is Kenya’s tourism hub. Mombasa County stand was happy to receive several enquiries from various countries including Germany, Israel, United Kingdom, USA, Mexico, UAE, among others.

Supporting soccer for the youth

CECM Kevin Munywoki Kyalo with Bandari F. C. player Anthony Wambani

County Executive Member for Youth, Gender, Sports & Cultural Affairs Executive Kevin Munywoki Kyalo graced the Kenya Premier League Player (KPL) of the Month Award ceremony held at Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Bandari Sports Club.
Bandari F. C. player Anthony Wambani, was crowned the player of the month of February.
The ceremony and awards were sponsored by Sports Journalists Association of Kenya (SJAK), Sportpesa and LG Electronics Company.

Department of Trade, Tourism and Investment in move to clean up Mombasa

The County Executive Committee Member of Trade, Tourism and Investment Fawz Rashid signed an MoU with Let’s Do It World Foundation to partner on a major environmental clean up of Mombasa.

The foundation has conducted comprehensive clean up exercises in over 130 countries across the globe over the past 10 years.

The County Government of Mombasa is also partnering with the Let’s Do it World Foundation’s Leadership Institute to facilitate knowledge and skills transfer of world best practices in environmental management.

Department of Youth, Gender, Sports & Cultural Affairs supports golf tournament

CECM Kevin Munywoki Kyalo with Barclays Bank Managing Director Jeremy Awori

County Executive Committee Member for Youth, Gender, Sports and Cultural Affairs Kevin Munywoki with the Barclays Bank Managing Director Jeremy Awori during the launch of Barclays Pwani Open at the iconic Fort Jesus. Mombasa County Government will partner with Nyali Golf Club for the Junior Golf Program to give an opportunity for the youth to sharpen their skills.

Amnesty for land rates

The Mombasa County Government has issued an amnesty land rates. The Department of Finance and Economic Planning has announced that those who register land from 1st March – 31st March 2018 will only pay land rates for this year(2018 only).

Department of Trade makes surprise visit

The CO for the Department of Trade, Tourism and Investment with other officers during the surprise visit

Led by the Chief Officer of the County Department of Trade, Investment and Tourism, authorities made a surprise visit to night leisure business premises. They caught a number of unlicensed nightclubs, wines & spirits joints, bars, casinos and lounges. Many of them were found operating without licences and contravening the County laws.

These businesses were served with closure notices. The County recommends that the business community must operate within the precincts of the law.

County Human Resource Survey

From left: CECM for Trade Fawz Rashid Ali, CECM for Transport, Taufiq Balala together with CO for Trade Abdulwahab Mbarak

The PR and Communications Office conducted a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Exercise aimed at enabling the Board to fulfill its mandate of facilitating development of coherent, integrated human resource planning. This exercise involved all the departments which possess approved departmental organograms. The area of focus for this particular exercise was the new staff. The departments which participated as respondents were as follows:

  • Department of Health
  • Department of Water, Environment and Natural Resources
  • Department of Tourism and Culture Development
  • Department of Education & Children
  • Department of Finance & Economic Planning
  • Department of Trade, Energy and Industrial Development
  • Department of Land, Housing and Planning

The survey was carried out through a questionnaire which emphasized on four main themes, namely:

  • Staff recruitment
  • Staff training
  • Staff productivity
  • HR Challenges

M&E is a dynamic process. This exercise will be carried out on a regular basis so that the Board is informed about the status of staff and their productivity in the County. This way, the Board can be able to fulfill its mandate in an informed manner. It will be also a way of obtaining indicators for performance appraisal management.


From left: CECM for Environment Dr. Godffrey Nyongesa Nato, CECM for Water Fatma Awale, CECM for Youth, Gender, Sports & Culture Kevin Munywoki Kyalo and County Attorney, Matalaki Mwashimba

Registration of Garbage Collectors
Registration of motorized and non-motorized garbage collectors for the city has been going on well. This is one of the initiatives of the Department of Environment, Waste Management & Energy in collaboration with NEMA.
The process entails fulfilling set standards stipulated by NEMA and the County Waste Disposal Act. Having fulfilled the requirements, they are issued with identity tags.
The Department of Environment, Waste Management & Energy is determined to keep Mombasa clean and adorable.

Some of the collectors who turned up for registration

Auto renewal for single business permit introduced by Department of Trade

The County Government of Mombasa through the Department of Trade, Investment and Toursim has introduced an auto renewal feature for single business permit starting this calendar year 2018.

The Department has released information about this feature as indicated in the following poster:

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