Our Services

The Board provides the following services to its customers:

1              Creation of offices

2              Abolishment of offices

3              Advertisement of vacant job positions

4              Shortlisting of candidates for advertised job positions

5              Interviewing shortlisted candidates

6              Notification of successful and unsuccessful candidates for job Interviews

7              Promotion of staff

8              Appointment of new officers

9              Audit of offices and departments on values and principles

10           Disciplinary measures on errant county staff

11           Promotion of values and principles in the county public service

12           Advisory services on HR issues

13           Making Recommendations to SRC on terms of service

14           Advisory opinion on international treaties and conventions

15           Submission of Reports to the County Assembly/ County Departments

16           Dissemination of Information

17           Handling customer grievances

18           Handling Human resource appeals

19           Responding to non-compliance cases


The obligations of the Board’s customers as well as the obligations of the Board’s staff in service delivery are outlined in the Board’s Service Charter.

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