Human Resource Development

Team Building Exercise

The Board Chairman, Allan Owano and CEO Jeizan Faruk with the full Board Secretariat team during and after a Strategic Plan Review and Team Building Exercise.

The main goal of the team  building activity is to improve productivity.

Some of the advantages of team building are:

  1. Improve productivity
  2. Increase in motivation of employees
  3. Fosters problem solving at the workplace
  4. Encourages creativity
  5. Increase collaboration and good relation between employees
  6. Improved communication within the organization and with the external public too

Complaints management Training

CAJ Secretary, Leonard Ngaluma was the guest of honour at the closing ceremony

In conjunction with CAJ and GIZ, the Board organized a training for Complaints handling management. A complaints handling is required for all public institutions. This will ensure that complaints are given the necessary attention, with a view to improve services in the public sector.

The County Secretary, Francis Thoya officially opened the training workshop

A dedicated unit, office or department of complaints handling will add value to the services provided to the stakeholders. A total of thirty senior officers, mostly directors, deputy directors or assistant directors attended the training.

The training was officially opened by the County Secretary, Francis Thoya and officially closed by the Secretary of CAJ, Leonard Ngaluma.

Some of the participants in the training

The training concluded with a comprehensive workplan that the Complaints Management team will implement.


Launch of Human Resources for Health Information Dashboard

In January 2018, the department of Health launched its Human Resources for Health Information Dashboard at the Mombasa County Public Service Board Boardroom. The Dashboard was presented to the Board by The Chief Officer for Health, Dr. Khadija Shikely. The Board was represented by Jamal Awadh, who is a Board Member, as well as Halima Tsala, the Board’s Director of Human Resources and Ali Shariff, an Assistant Director for Board Operations. Present was the Director for Human Resources at the Department of Health, Justina Mwikya and HR Officer in the Department of Health, Josephine Kakai.

 In-house training

In-house training on the Board’s Communication Strategy

Training of personnel is an ongoing event. This is because the human resource has to keep pace with the ever advancing technological environment where each new day presents newer and newer ways of doing things.

Optimists see the road ahead but pessimists see the rock in the middle. The Board wants to remain optimistic and focus on the road ahead. In so doing, there exists a versatile in-house training program that covers knowledge of day to day functions and operations of the Board. This in-house training is coordinated by Kibibi Amran, the Assistant Director, Training and Development.

One of the greatest advantages of conducting in-house training is cost saving. The cost per participant is at the minimal. In-house training is done by our own personnel, unless there ascends a need to outsource.

By and large, the greatest benefit of our in-house training is the specific focus we relate to the programme. We are able to customize real and current content that suits our objectives as a Board and as a part of the County Government. We focus on the areas that will catapult our capacity to deliver quality service.

We find that in-house training is convenient to each one of us because it fits around the working schedules at our own location.

Lastly, internal training provides a golden opportunity for team building. It encourages teamwork and perfect understanding of each other. It is a superb platform for the appreciation of each other’s abilities. It aims to enhance positive working relationships and better productivity in the County.

The Board’s sensitization and in-house training programme for the second half of the calendar year is as follows:

  1. Service Charter
  2. Communication Strategy
  3. Monitoring & Evaluation
  4. Procurement Cycle
  5. Board Charter
  6. Code of Conduct & Ethics
  7. Terms & Conditions of Service
  8. Financial Procedures
  9. Recruitment & Promotions
  10. Performance Management
  11. Budgeting & Requisition
  12. Values & Principles of a Public Officer
  13. Network Security (station, LAN, data protection)
  14. Procurement Regulations
  15. Conflict of Interest Register
  16. Operating a Bank Account outside Kenya
  17. Gift Register

Demographic Analysis of Staff Recruitment 

Staff Recruitment since 2014:

2014/2015:  18

2015/2016:  86

2016/2017:  92

The following charts summarise the demographics of those recruited in Financial Year 2016-2017:

  110,846 Visits