Who we are

The Board has constituted the following Committees to allow for good governance as well as detailed analysis and consideration of complex issues:

i) Human Resource Management Committee

This committee is responsible for advising and recommending all man power planning, recruitment and selection; training and capacity development.

ii) Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is tasked with the responsibility of advising on financial matters, planning and conducting any other business that may be necessary. It can also advice on projects or investment matters

iii)  Audit and Compliance Committee

–  Provides advice to the Board on compliance issues;

– Represents and coordinates compliance among various directorates and departments;

– Reviews internal audit results, status of corrective actions, and areas of concern as well as initiates any investigations that it deems necessary or expedient.

iv) Ethics and Good Governance Committee

– Develops and applies guidelines for ensuring ethical conduct and resolving ethical conflicts;

–  Reviews and assesses ethical and governance issues that affect the Board;

–  Examines the conformity of the Board’s governance practices;

– Lays out a plan for awareness campaigns on civic and governance issues

The Board may from time to time constitute ad hoc committees to deal with specific matters.

Board’s Secretariat

The Board has set up a Secretariat consisting of various technical personnel who assist the Board to fulfill its mandate. It comprises of three directorates, headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), namely:

i) The Administration and Finance Directorate

ii) The Human Resources Directorate

iii) The Ethics and Good Governance Directorate

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